Our People

Managing South Africa focused funds since 2003 and emerging markets since 2013.

The Managers fundamentally believe that all emerging markets share similar characteristics, adjusted for local knowledge and nuances, and use their South African experience as the basis,

including rapid political change amid uncertainty, currency volatility and the emergence of new middle classes and demographics.

Musgrave Capital Partners

Damon Hoff, Director

Damon is the co-founder of Musgrave Capital and Portfolio Manager. Prior to Musgrave Capital, Damon co-founded Capricorn Fund Managers in South Africa in 2003. As the CIO of Capricorn, Damon oversaw the award winning South African equity and Emerging Market Long/short strategies, which was based out of Johannesburg and later London, and sold a stake to Anchor Capital in 2015.

Before Capricorn, Damon was a partner at broking firm Irish Menell Rosenberg, which was then sold to PSG Group South Africa. Damon is currently a portfolio manager on the Anchor Accelerator CIS Hedge Fund and Musgrave Absolute Return Fund. Damon holds a BA and a Bcom (hons) from Witwatersrand University.

Liam Hechter, Director

Liam is the co-founder of Musgrave Capital and Portfolio Manager. Before Musgrave Capital, Liam was at Anchor Capital, having completed his accounting articles with KPMG. In 2017, he was appointed the portfolio manager of Anchor Capital’s aggressive long short equity mandates and joined Damon in London in late 2018.

Liam is currently a portfolio manager on the Anchor Accelerator CIS Hedge Fund and Musgrave Absolute Return Fund. Liam holds a B.Acc (Hons) from the University of Stellenbosch, is a qualified CA (SA) and is a CFA® Charterholder.

Capricorn Fund Managers

Darryl Noik, Chief Operating Officer

Darryl is the Fund’s COO, CCO and CRO, a role he holds for Capricorn Fund Managers’ partner managers. Darryl joined Capricorn in February 2013 as COO and has experience in running the operations and finance side of hedge funds and dealing with administrators.

Prior to joining Capricorn, he listed an insurance broker on the AIM market and was the COO of the Stenham Group, an international financial services group providing alternative asset management investment solutions (hedge fund of funds ($3.6bn) and property funds (€3bn)). After qualifying as a chartered accountant with Deloitte, London, in 1991 he remained there until 1998 before joining a client, Primedia, an international media group, as Commercial Director responsible for the European operations, corporate finance and tax planning.

He is also a consultant to Wilson Advisory based in Mumbai with offices in Singapore and Mauritius.

Jonty Campion, Business Development Director

As Business Development Director of Capricorn Fund Managers, Jonty is responsible for Musgrave’s distribution and growing the business. Prior to joining Capricorn in 2013 he was Head of Marketing and Investor Relations at Clareville Capital Partners LLP, a London based hedge fund.

He started his career in the Oil and Gas division of Sedgwick Energy Ltd. In 1993 he joined the European Convertible Bond Desk at Tullett and Tokyo International Securities Ltd and later went on to co-manage the Relative Value and Algorithmic Trading Desk at Tullett Liberty Equities Ltd. He graduated from the University of Nottingham.

Alex Kummelstedt, Operations Manager – Portfolio & Risk

Alex is an Operations Manager at Capricorn Fund Managers, providing portfolio and risk support across the Funds including Musgrave. He has been at Capricorn since early 2018 and was previously at Heptagon Capital and Marathon Asset Management. He has a BA in Economics from Durham University and is a CFA Level 3 Candidate.

Our Strategy

We employ a disciplined approach to equity long-short investing and focus on the BRICS economies.

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