Who We Are

We are highly active managers focused on Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS).

Musgrave Capital Partners is an equity long-short emerging markets asset manager. Launched in January 2019 by Damon Hoff and Liam Hechter, we are focused in particular on the BRICS economies, where the portfolio managers have been running funds for over two decades.

Our goal is to deliver superior absolute returns through long-short equity investing. This combines bottom-up stock picking with quantitative valuation methodologies, and a particular emphasis on risk and capital preservation in strong growth and quality companies.

Musgrave Capital Partners is based in London and has strong connections to South Africa and other emerging markets.

Superior returns

Our aim is to deliver superior returns over market cycles

Capital preservation

We look to preserve capital during all market conditions

Our Partners

Musgrave Capital has partnered with Anchor for investment services and South Africa Alpha Capital Management as Investment Manager

Our investment approach

We have an inherent bias towards growth and quality, with specific attention on durable competitive advantage and a company’s track record in adapting to changing circumstances.

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